Traci Bryan

Traci Bryan was injured in a car accident in 1997.  The driver of the car fell asleep and Traci was injured severely from the wreck.  With pneumonia and a.r.d.s. inhabiting Traci’s fragile body, she spent the next six weeks in a drug induced coma.  She pulled through the accident with a spinal cord injury, and life went on, although differently.

When asked what her day to day struggles were, Traci responded “After 16 years my biggest day to day struggles revolve around transfers. I really work at keeping my weight down and staying in shape.  This can be extremely difficult.”

Although life has its ups and downs Traci enjoys playing quad rugby with The North Texas Cowboys.  This has been an amazing challenge for her, not only has the sport helped her build strength, but also has built up her confidence.  Thanks to team sponsors, she has been able to travel and experience the feeling of being part of a team again.

Traci also attends her therapy sessions at Project Walk in Addison, Texas.  She stays as active as possible, and enjoys being involved with others that have similar injuries.

Traci and her boyfriend a disabled vet are looking forward to their future together.  Moreover, Traci enjoys in the time she spends with her niece and nephew…known as Aunt Sissy to her bundles of love.  She understands the importance of attachment to her family especially since she may never have children of her own.

When Traci isn’t visiting with family or engaging in therapy she talks to others with disabilities.  She shares information that has helped her deal with her spinal cord injury.  Contributing the lessons she has learned to others is a source of pride for Traci.  She hopes her talks make a difference in those people who need a bit of strength and inspiration to get through the tough times.

To make life easier Traci wanted a travel shower chair.  Fortunately the Travis Roy Foundation was able to provide Traci with a grant.  And viola, showering was easier and more practical.  With deep gratitude Traci wrote “I really do appreciate everything TRF has done not only for me but for others like me. TRF is making a difference in the lives of others & giving hope to those who may have lost a little along the way. Thank you so much.”