The Quality of Life Grant Program Concluded in the Spring of 2022

After 26 years, the Travis Roy Foundation Quality of Life Grant Program stopped accepting applications in the Spring of 2022. At the Travis Roy Foundation thousands of spinal cord injured survivors have been empowered through the Quality of Life Grant Program and it has been an honor to help others move forward. At our late-founder Travis Roy’s request, his namesake foundation is winding down. Travis’ legacy will ultimately live-on through the work of others dedicated to helping those paralyzed by unexpected physical trauma.

A few of the 156 people who received a TRF Quality of Life Grant in 2020.

Learn about our grantee recipients, and how the Travis Roy Foundation helped them move forward.

Four years ago, I started my journey as a medical student in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo. My medical education started with…