Krystal Pierre

Krystal_PhotoKrystal Pierre was in a car accident four years ago that left her with an incomplete spinal cord injury. Being injured at her T5 vertebrae caused Krystal to become paralyzed from the breastbone down. Being disabled has brought many day-to-day struggles that test Krystal's endurance, will, and mind set.

With a heavy heart she stated "Overcoming what life used to be is hard for me. A lot of thoughts find me when I'm doing stuff around the house or when I am getting ready for the day. I think I used to be able to do everything and leave my house in 15 minutes. Now the fastest is about an hour. Even though my disability poses an array of challenges I am accepting my new normal and moving on."

Her new normal helps her focus on the little things that make her happy. As a mother of a four-year-old son Krystal puts forth plenty of energy looking after him. "Just getting a good night's sleep is exciting. I try to get in a manicure every now and then or relax in front of the TV. It is important to simply look forward and enjoy the small luxuries."

When asked about what in her future she is most excited about, she replied, "I look forward to a change in my paralysis. It doesn't have to be walking, I just hope for something to show my body is getting better." Krystal's mind and body are learning to adjust to her disability, which motivates her to stay positive. She is hopeful that medical advancements in spinal cord injuries will continue to be made.

Through all of the changes Krystal has experienced she is most proud of her progression and says, "Each month, each year is better than the last and I am so proud of that." Adding to her recovery and independence was the shower chair that Krystal received from the Travis Roy Foundation. "It has given me a chance to take care of my body," Krystal explained. She is extremely grateful for the Travis Roy Foundation and is ecstatic that she found the grant information online.