Corey Winship, Positive Tracks

Featured Positive Tracker: Corey Winship, 21
College: Saint Anselm Class of 2017
Fundraising Events: Throughout my work with the Travis Roy Foundation and the Comets Express, my team and I have organized several fundraising events, such as a Christmas tree sale, a silent auction, and designing TRF bracelets that we have sold at our events.

Corey and fellow Comets Express player Mia at the 2015 TRF WIFFLE ball tournament.

Corey and fellow Comets Express teammate Mia at the 2015 TRF WIFFLE ball tournament.

  1. How did you hear about TRF?

I heard about the Travis Roy Foundation through a very close friend of mine, Mia Vecchione. Her family introduced me to the organization, and they truly showed me how something as small as Little Fenway Park can have such a major impact on our community.

  1. Why are you fundraising for TRF?

Spinal cord injuries are simply devastating. Nobody deserves to go through such a lifestyle change. I fundraise for the Travis Roy Foundation so that those affected may walk once again. I have learned so much through the amazing spirit of those affected, and because of this I am confident that a cure is on the rise.

  1. How do you feel about Travis and TRF’s mission?

Travis is one of the greatest human beings I have ever met. It is inspirational to see how he has turned a great life challenge into something so incredible. Travis’ mission is so powerful, and he is without a doubt a role model. I am honored to do service to help out Travis and all of those affected.

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