WIFFLE Ball Tournament sponsor: Jeff Bushey

Posted on August 2, 2017

Jeff Bushey has participated in the Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Ball tournament since the beginning – first as a player for almost ten years before becoming a sponsor. He says he initially had no idea how large the event would become over time.

“I really enjoy that it feels like an extended family,” he says. “Just seeing all the teams and people that return year after year, it’s like a reunion of sorts.”

Jeff has also happily hosted a post-tournament dinner with food from local VT steakhouse The Windjammer. But to Jeff, the most incredible part of what fans commonly refer to as “the best weekend of the year” is the emotional tournament end when the final tally of money raised is announced.

“The teams have been working so hard year after year to raise money – and the amounts they get year after year! It’s very impressive.”

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