WIFFLE Ball Tournament sponsor: Ari Souliotis

Posted on July 18, 2017

Ari Souliotis’ participation in the Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Ball Tournament started more than five years ago through a sponsorship through the local Vermont Dunkin’ Donuts franchises that he owns. At the time, he knew it was for a great cause, but since then it has become so much more.

“We have seen it grow year over year,” he says. “It’s moving to be part of something that you feel is making a difference every time you participate. It has allowed my employees and my family to become involved, too. I have been asked to Captain the team every year, but I think this is partly because I am the only one paying attention to the batting order!”

In addition to participating on a team, Ari also offers up his Dunkin’ Donuts storefronts for WIFFLE Ball participants ages 13 and under, part of the Positive Tracks program, to collect donations. He remembers the first time he met Travis, saying “He made it a point to come to every Dunkin’ Donuts that was raising money that day. Travis is a true inspiration to me every time I speak with him and see how the people involved are driving his organization forward.”

Ari says that his favorite part of each tournament is seeing the familiar faces of the participants he has befriended over the years.

“My son is turning eight years old this August, and he and my family have been coming to the event every year. He has grown up around it, and we all love being a part of it. It has turned into an inspirational family event. It has truly become one of our highlights of the summer.”

Mark your calendars for August 9, when WIFFLE Ball participants will be collecting donations at local Vermont Dunkin’ Donuts stores!

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