A Message from the Trustees of the Travis Roy Foundation

Travis had an especially big smile and enthusiastic fist bump for the people supporting the work of the Travis Roy Foundation in any way, big or small. He was always amazed by your generosity.

Before his death on October 29, 2020, Travis charged us, the Trustees of the Travis Roy Foundation, with some unfinished goals. In his spirit and in his honor, we will continue to reach for those goals. His life’s work, his passion and purpose, will carry on.

The Foundation’s unique Quality of Life Grant Program continues.  

The Foundation’s medical research commitments, focusing on finding independence for those living with paralysis, will be met. 

Travis entrusted the Trustees and staff of the Travis Roy Foundation with other aspirational goals and dreams. We are committed to making those a reality. We have lost his physical presence, insights and wisdom, but his inspiration and love carry us forward.  The Trustees and staff of the Foundation are deeply committed to continuing his work.

Travis brought people together to have fun in a reach for higher goals. Since his death, his impact continues.  We salute you for your efforts on behalf of Travis’ dreams. When COVID-19 is contained, there will be more laughter-filled events in pursuit of Travis’ aspirations.

We will continue the journey that Travis began. To everyone who wishes to play a role in that journey, we welcome you and we can’t wait to see you again soon.

The Trustees of the Travis Roy Foundation