Mia Vecchione, Positive Tracks

Featured Positive Tracker: Mia Vecchione, 20
Home Town: Chelmsford, MA
Fundraising Event: With my team, Comets Express, which is made up of mostly Positive Trackers, we have held Christmas tree sales, bowling tournaments, socials, and are hoping to do a golf tournament in the near future.

The Comets Express bowling fundraiser for the TRF WIFFLE Ball Tournament.

The Comets Express bowling fundraiser for the TRF WIFFLE Ball Tournament.

  1. How did you hear about TRF?

I heard about TRF through a very close family friend, the Burgesses. Garrett Burgess has a spinal cord injury which made this fundraiser not only a good cause but also personal. My whole family wanted in as soon as we heard about it. In 2004, my Dad, the Burgesses and some older original members of the wiffle ball team went to the TRF WIFFLE Ball Tournament and when they came back they said that it was something we would do as a family every year because it was the start of something amazing to come.

  1. Why are you fundraising for TRF?

I am fundraising for TRF because this truly is an amazing fundraiser and every single person that takes part in it becomes part of a large family who forgets that there is anything other than some backyard wiffle ball taking place.

  1. How do you feel about Travis and TRF’s mission?

If you have ever heard Travis reveal the amount of money raised at the end of the TRF WIFFLE Ball Tournament, then you know how I feel about the Foundation and its mission. The moment you hear the number that everyone worked so hard to reach, I get goose bumps all over my body. It’s the reason I love to participate in this every year. Travis has helped many people see the hope and I can’t imagine not being a part of something so amazing.

  1. What do you think others should do to help? 

In order to help, you can do something as small as donate a gift basket to one of our fundraising socials. As a college student-athlete, I sometimes find it difficult to get out and fundraise with the little time I have, but the times that I do get out and ask around the local stores for anything they can donate for our social, I am never disappointed with the outcome. One Edible Arrangement store manager even asked if he could help us out every year by donating. Something as small as a yard sale could be the the start of larger-scale fundraising idea. I am amazed at the generosity in people when they hear the story of Travis and how much they want to help. It makes me feel proud to be a part of this.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the event and donate!