Positive Tracks


Positive Tracks is a national, sports-based youth development organization that helps young people get active and give back. Positive Tracks partners with the Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Ball Tournament to help youth participants sweat for good for the Travis Roy Foundation.

HERE’S THE PITCH: Travis Roy Foundation’s Positive Tracks Coordinator, Danielle Williams, helps kids raise funds and awareness for the Travis Roy Foundation by providing hands on help, fundraising tipsteam building tools, and creative ideas to help youth knock it out of the park. Contact Danielle for help, questions or next steps!

MORE AWESOMENESS: Dollars raised by participants ages 23 and under are matched by Positive Tracks! It’s double the dollars; double the fitness; double the fun!

HEY, CORPORATE PARTNERS: You can augment the Positive Tracks Youth Challenge Grant! Your sponsorship can be earmarked to help rally and amplify youth efforts at Travis Roy Foundation WIFFLE Ball Tournament. Contact info@travisroyfoundation.org to tailor a partnership that fulfills your goals as a critical champion of the Travis Roy Foundation.

Positive Tracks Frequently Asked Questions What is Positive Tracks? Positive Tracks, a national, sports-based youth development organization based in Hanover, NH, plugs into The Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament…

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