Positive Tracks Frequently Asked Questions

Positive Tracks Frequently Asked Questions

What is Positive Tracks?
Positive Tracks, a national, sports-based youth development organization based in Hanover, NH, plugs into The Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament to help youth ages 23 and under sweat for good. Positive Tracks combines philanthropy and athletics to enroll young people – as partners, participants and leaders – in making the world a better place, starting with themselves. Positive Tracks provides hands on help, tools, guidance and matching dollars to youth participants age 23 and under.

How does the double dollar deal work?

Positive Tracks will match funds raised by participants age 23 and under.

We encourage participants to become a member of the 20/20 and 30/30 club, with some participants even making it into the 40/40 club. This means getting $20 from 20 people and $30 from 30 people.

What if I want to fundraise as a Positive Tracker, but I do not want to participate in the Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament?

You can register to become a “Virtual Player”. Even though you’re not participating in the actual Tournament, your fundraising efforts will afford you the same incentives as a player participant. Virtual participants, who sign up individually or join a team, are not required to pay an entry fee and there is no fundraising minimum. In order to be a Positive Tracker and have your dollars doubled, your fundraising effort must be active. For questions about virtual participation, email Danielle Williams.

Is there an age minimum to be part of Positive Tracks?
As long as you are registered for The TRF Wiffle Ball Tournament and you are age 23 or under, you are part of Positive Tracks!

Will there be a Positive Tracks Team Category?
Yes. Individuals not already on an official Wiffle Ball Team must register via the website registration under Join a Team:  “TeamTRF Positive Trackers”.

I am age 23 or under. Do I have to be part of a Positive Tracks team in order to participate as a Positive Tracks participant to have my funds matched?
No, you do not have to join a Positive Tracks (PT) team. If you are not already part of an official Wiffle Ball team, uou may register individually and because of your age, you are automatically a Positive Tracks participant whose fundraising efforts will be matched.

As an adult partner and/or sponsor to this program do I have to be 23 or under?
No, you do not. We encourage anyone 24 years and older to work with this age group supporting them in their fundraising efforts.

As an adult partner and/or sponsor to Positive Tracks do I have to participate in the Wiffle Ball Tournament?
No, you do not have to participate in the Wiffle Ball Tournament if you are supporting or donating to the fundraising efforts of a Positive Tracks participant or a team.

If I would like to volunteer as an adult partner for Positive Tracks and help youth raise money for the Travis Roy Foundation, what steps do I have to take?
Please email us at info@travisroyfoundation.org and let us know how you’d like to help!

Will the matching funds become part of my individual and/or team total?
Only the actual funds that you raise will be applied to your individual and/or team totals and incentive levels. After the Wiffle Ball Tournament event weekend, your Positive Tracks fundraising efforts will be totaled and matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000! For example, if you and/or your team raise $3,000 total, $6,000 goes directly to the Travis Roy Foundation.

If I donate to a Positive Tracks participant and/or a Positive Tracks team, will my donation be matched?
Yes, as a donor to a Positive Tracks participant and/or Positive Tracks team, your donation dollars will be matched!