This year, we’re bringing our tournament to you.

Each year, about 17,700 new spinal cord injuries occur in America. The Travis Roy Foundation (TRF) is dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries (SCI) and maintaining the well-being of survivors.

In past years, we’ve seen all kinds of home runs–grand slams, walkoffs, and even inside-the-park homers. This summer, we’re challenging you to get creative with your home run.

We know you can hit a WIFFLE® ball on the field, but can you hit a WIFFLE® ball over your house? Your pool? Your high school bleachers? You choose!

Film a short video of you hitting the WIFFLE® ball over any obstacle. Make it as creative as you like!

Post on Facebook using our script as your caption.

Challenge 3 teammates to #BatterUpTRF and tag them in the post. They’ve got 48 hours!

Yep, it’s easy. Swing, post, tag. 

You’re creating your own ballpark this summer and donating to support the true athletes-at-heart, our spinal cord injury survivors. 

Batter up!