Creating independence

by working together.

Dear Friends,

I'm always amazed at how long it takes to pull all the numbers together after a fiscal year. At the same time, it's exciting to see in black and white all that we have accomplished at the Travis Roy Foundation. I often say that when my family and I decided to start the Travis Roy Foundation, we didn't have a clue as to what we were doing. Fortunately, we have been guided by a generous law firm, amazing volunteers, and extraordinary donors.

I would like to thank Marge and Jeff Oppold, Pat and Beth O'Connor, Art Page, Andrea Richmond, our WIFFLE Ball Tournament players and volunteers (both in Boston and Vermont), our Team TRF runners, our Beanpot hockey players, and our Spring Flingers. I also want to thank our incredible team that keeps our website, social media, finances, communications, and everything else they do, looking so professional. You make the TRF and me look good! It amazes me how many people we have involved that help make the TRF run. At the same time, none of it can happen without our loyal donors and supporters. As you will see on the following pages, we have changed the lives of hundreds of people, and their families as well. 2015 was a record year, and helped lead us into an even stronger future.

In the end, for me, this is all about providing hope and independence. While hope is merely a four-letter word, it means everything to me and to my fellow SCI survivors. Someday, somehow, there will be a breakthrough. In the meantime, there are SCI survivors who just want to be a little more independent. The Travis Roy Foundation is doing good work in a very efficient manner. I am proud of our work, and can only hope that you are proud to be a part of it. On to a new year as we strive to break new fundraising records, help more.

Sincerely, Travis

7,225 donors from all 50 states.

Donors give generously all year round, enabling us to continue to grow and help others move forward. It's difficult to demonstrate our profound gratitude for their support. Each and every dollar donated directly impacts people who have spinal cord injuries. We sincerely appreciate and rely on the generosity of these individuals, foundations, and businesses-thank you to all of our donors!

Countless volunteers.

Our amazing group of volunteers is heavily involved in making the Travis Roy Foundation what it is today. The amount of work required to run a successful foundation would be impossible to accomplish without this team. We are eternally grateful for all they do.

Third-party fundraisers raised over $100,000.

Third-party fundraisers are activities that are designed and run by individuals with minimal support from the Foundation. We are so fortunate that the members of the community choose to use their time and energy to help raise money for TRF. In the past year, #TeamTRF has been the recipient of many third-party fundraising activities to help support those with spinal cord injuries-corporate jeans days, ice-skating night, hockey pool, bake sales, and more-raising more than $100,000!

Our events raised over $1 million.

Each year, the needs of spinal cord injury survivors grow, and we are lucky to be able to count on that same growth for TRF events. With your help and participation, the capital from these events makes up a portion of our fundraising goals, and the events themselves bring our TRF community together for support and encouragement, to help find a cure.

The WIFFLE Ball Tournament raised a record $567,000.

The 15th year of our beloved tournament grossed more than $567,000 and delighted both new and returning members of Team TRF with a full weekend of good-spirited competition and community.

Because of your support, we awarded more individual grants than ever.

Since 1997, 1,052 grants have been awarded in our Adaptive Equipment Program, totaling $3.5 million.

We couldn't be more excited to fund some amazing researchers.

Our research grants have awarded $2.1 million to scientists working tirelessly to find a breakthrough in the world of spinal cord injuries.

We are honored and inspired to have a hand in helping.

We believe that Dr. Barres' labs work at the cellular level, the combined brain and electrical stimulation being carried out in Dr. Carmels lab, and the intensive physical rehabilitation alongside electrical stimulation happening with participants in The Big Idea, will together produce outstanding functional improvements for people who have suffered spinal cord injuries. We are honored and inspired to have a hand in helping to bring this scientific research to light.

In 2015 we raised over $1 million for spinal cord injury survivors and research.

Thanks for making

all of this possible.