2012 Positive Tracks

Posted on September 25, 2012

POSITIVE TRACKS is the Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament youth fundraising, and community service initiative that benefits people with spinal cord injuries. Positive Tracks not only encourages healthy physical activity, but challenges young people to inspire and engage their communities by developing a wide variety of projects powered by their own creativity – ranging from organizing walk-a-thons and bottle drives, to social media fundraising campaigns.

Total amount raised this year by over 70 participants is more than $40,000, add the $35,000 Positive Track challenge and $75,000 was brought in for the Travis Roy Foundation.

Michael Vecchione (18), and Anthony Murphy (20), were the lone Positive Trackers on their Comets Express Wiffle ball team. Michael and Anthony organized a bowlathon that raised $1650. In addition, the 2 of them put together a yard sale that raised $350. Michael has been playing in the wiffleball tournament for the past 10 years. The work of the Travis Roy Foundation is very personal to him, as his good friend Garrett Burgess was paralyzed when he was 4 years old. This year, in recognition of all the work Michael has done over the years to raise money for the Travis Roy Foundation, he was awarded the annual Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament Fundraiser Leadership Award. With the Positive Tracks Match, Michael and Anthony helped bring in $4000!!

Ciaran Blair is the youngest fundraiser the Travis Roy Foundation has ever had. At just 3 years old, with the help of his mother’s baking, Kieran went door to door selling baked goods to help raise money for his uncles Wiffle ball team, the Blue Bulls. In the end, Ciaran’s effort raised $90 for the Travis Roy Foundation. Thanks to the Positive Tracks match, the $90 quickly became $180. Thanks Ciaran!


The “Donut Boys” were the youngest team to participate in this year’s Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle Ball Tournament. They were also one of the top fundraising teams. The 10 man team was made up of purely high school aged kids. After their baseball practices, the boys would spread out to different neighborhoods around their hometown and go door-to-door asking for pledges. They made up their own information sheet that talked about the Travis Roy Foundation and the annual Wiffle ball tournament. They also received the support of four local Dunkin’ Donuts, who allowed them to ask patrons for donations. In the end, the Donut Boys raised just over $12,000, before the Positive Tracks match!

Tucker Kohlasch from Vermont, will be an 18-year-old freshman at Roger Williams this fall. When Tucker was 13 years old he heard Travis Roy speak to his older sisters AAU basketball team. Tucker and Travis have been friends ever since. Shortly after hearing Travis speak, Tucker joined up with Hotdam. Hotdam is one of the original teams that played in the inaugural Travis Roy Foundation Wiffle ball tournament in 2001. This year Tucker solicited donations from his family and friends, using his personal TRF Wiffle ball tournament online fundraising page. With the Positive Tracks match, Tucker raised $1290!