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“There are times in our lives when we choose our challenges and other times when the challenges simply choose us. It is what we do in the face of those challenges that defines who we are, and more importantly, who we can and will become.”
– Travis Roy

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Dave Mello

Learn more about Dave Mello, Travis Roy Foundation grantee.
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View video to learn about David and his road to recovery.
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Ben Goss

Learn about Ben Goss and how he continues to move forward after his accident.
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Ginny shares her story of the tragic skiing accident that paralyzed her from the waist down and her road to recovery.
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Wayne Snow

Wayne Snow of Richmond, NH shares his story about his accident and road to recovery.
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Remon Jourdan

“Being able to do things through the computer, that allows me to show her some of my talents, and that I can pass that on to her, and that I can share with her. And that’s been amazing.”
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Brian Irish

Brian Irish was awarded a TRF grant for a stair platform. “Without that grant, it would be just another barrier that I wouldn’t be able to conquer, and it makes my life so much easier.”
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Read Brians Success Story

Midge Dawicki

Midge Dawicki shares her story and how she found the strength to overcome the tragedy.
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Read Midges Success Story

Dan Cummings

Dan Cummings wanted to bring a program back to Boston that helped him walk again – which he called Journey Forward. With a grant from the TRF for a Lite Gate, “… it is going to go a long way to helping many individuals. “
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Inez Narbis

Inez Narbis received a grant for a car topper – “… had the application I’m thinking, I can’t do this. There are people that need it a lot more than I did. But the third time I got caught in the rain, I said I’m going to write, and I did. I think it was Ms. Taylor, Brenda Taylor, a wonderful person. She called and she said do you know you wrote your piece, and they accepted you for that, and I cried for hours afterwards. I was like, oh, this is wonderful.”
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Joan Harding

Joan Harding. With a TRF grant for a ramp, Joan’s husband Mike said,- “We cannot thank the Travis Roy Foundation enough, because they made it possible for us to complete the construction, and for Joan to come home, and Joan wanted very much to come home, and not go to some, you know, holding place. To come home to her own house.”
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Remon Jourdan

Remon Jourdan was awarded a TRF grant for a computer. – “Most importantly, I have a daughter who is nine years old, and we use the computer to Skype back to each other a lot, and as well as when I’m helping her with her homework assignments, it gives us actually a medium to do activities together, that I wouldn’t have realized was available prior.
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